Yashka journal d une femme combattante

Titre : Yashka journal d une femme combattante
Auteur : Stéphane Audoin-Rouzeau
Éditeur : Armand Colin
ISBN-13 : 9782200276843
Libération : 2012-02-08

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Journal incroyable d'une simple paysanne russe, engagée dans l'armée, pendant la guerre de Russie puis les débuts de la guerre civile. Elle obtient du tsar de créer un bataillon de femmes, pour sauver sa patrie. Mais au moment où les soldats commence à fraterniser avec l’ennemi, gagnés aux idées menchéviques puis bolchéviques, elle s’insurge la débacle et veux continuer le combat, en résistant seule contre tous. Elle échoue malgré de nombreuses tentatives pour galvaniser les troupes, son bataillon se fait massacrer. Elle n’aura qu’une solution : partir en Amérique convaincue que seule l’ami américain peut envoyer des renforts en tant qu’allié. C'est là qu'elle recontre un exilé russe Isaac Levine qui couche sur le papier son récit .Publié en 1924, il était tombé dans l'oubli. Ce récit exceptionnel de cette Jeanne d'Arc russe dans un monde en train de se déliter pourraît apparaître comme un véritable roman si Stéphane Audoin Rouzeau et Nicolas Werth n'en soulignaient pas la véracité et la portée historique.

With Snow on Their Boots

Titre : With Snow on Their Boots
Auteur : Jamie H. Cockfield
Éditeur : Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN-13 : 9780312220822
Libération : 1999-07-02

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Chronicles the history of two Russian brigades that fought for France in World War I

Gender and the First World War

Titre : Gender and the First World War
Auteur : Christa Hämmerle
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9781137302205
Libération : 2014-01-02

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The First World War cannot be sufficiently documented and understood without considering the analytical category of gender. This exciting volume examines key issues in this area, including the 'home front' and battlefront, violence, pacifism, citizenship and emphasizes the relevance of gender within the expanding field of First World War Studies.

Tomorrow to Be Brave

Titre : Tomorrow to Be Brave
Auteur : Susan Travers
Éditeur : Touchstone
ISBN-13 : 0743200020
Libération : 2007-06-26

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It was early spring 1942, and under the pitiless sky of the Libyan desert the climax of the great siege of Bir Hakeim was about to begin. General Koenig, the commander of the Free French and the Foreign Legion in North Africa, and his two thousand troops had been surrounded for fifteen days and nights by Rommel's Afrika Corps. Outnumbered ten to one, pounded by wave after wave of Stuka and Heikel bombers, the general and his men seemed doomed. Though their situation was hopeless, they chose to reject the Desert Fox's demand for surrender. Instead, one moonless night, the French made an audacious and suicidal bid for freedom by charging directly through the German lines. Leading the way was Susan Travers. The only woman ever to serve officially in the French Foreign Legion, there was the indomitable Englishwoman, speeding across the minefields of 'no man's land' directly towards Rommel's deadly Panzer tanks, her foot hard on the accelerator, doing her job: driving the general's car. That it was leading two thousand men in one of the great military exploits of the Second World War, the legendary mass break-out from Bir Hakeim, that it would see her hailed as the heroine of the night and eventually earn her both the Military Medal and the Légion d'Honneur, was not on her mind as the night exploded around her and German artillery lit up the desert sky. Her only thought was this: she was trying to save the life of the man she loved. Tomorrow to be Brave is the story of Susan Travers's extraordinary life, from her privileged childhood in England through her rebellious youth partying her way across interwar Europe, to her rash decision to join the Free French forces at the outbreak of World War II. In search of adventure -- and a break from her stifling upper-class world -- she could never have dreamed the pivotal role she would play. From her part in the North African campaign through her time after the war serving in the French Foreign Legion as a regular officer -- the only woman ever to have achieved this -- there was enough adventure and passion, heartbreak and heroism, to fill a hundred lifetimes. This, in her own words, is her story. It is a tale of exceptional courage against overwhelming odds and of an epic love affair played out against the backdrop of war as she risked everything for the country -- and the man -- she loved.

The French Republic

Titre : The French Republic
Auteur : Edward Berenson
Éditeur : Cornell University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780801461125
Libération : 2011

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An invaluable reference work on the the history and meaning of Republicanism in France.

Islam and Secularity

Titre : Islam and Secularity
Auteur : Nilüfer Göle
Éditeur : Duke University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780822375135
Libération : 2015-09-30

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In Islam and Secularity Nilüfer Göle takes on two pressing issues: the transforming relationship between Islam and Western secular modernity and the impact of the Muslim presence in Europe. Göle shows how the visibility of Islamic practice in the European public sphere unsettles narratives of Western secularism. As mutually constitutive, Islam and secularism permeate each other, the effects of which play out in embodied and aesthetic practices and are accompanied by fear, anxiety, and violence. In this timely book, Göle illuminates the recent rethinking of secularism and religion, of modernity and resistance to it, of the public significance of sexuality, and of the shifting terrain of identity in contemporary Europe.

Billy the Kid

Titre : Billy the Kid
Auteur : Robert Marshall Utley
Éditeur : Tauris Parke Paperbacks
ISBN-13 : 1860646018
Libération : 2000-04-18

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Outlaw, hoodlum and killer, and slain at the age of 21 by Pat Garrett - Billy the Kid has become one of the icons of America's Wild West. This account tells the story of his brief and bloody life.

Memories of Resistance

Titre : Memories of Resistance
Auteur : Shirley Mangini González
Éditeur : Yale University Press
ISBN-13 : 0300058160
Libération : 1995

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During the Spanish Civil War, women - long oppressed in Spain - were active both on the front and in the rear guard. This book is the first to focus on Spanish women's contributions to the war effort and the social and psychological implications of this radical change in their traditional role. Quoting extensively from such "memory texts" as oral testimonies, diaries, autobiographies, and letters, Shirley Mangini considers the status of women before, during, and after the war. She discusses the factors that provoked the war and how they affected Spanish women - both the "visible" women who during the turbulent 1920s and 1930s tried to become part of mainstream politics and the "invisible" women who came to the fore during the revolutionary years of the Second Spanish Republic from 1931 to 1936 and became activists in the protest against the military insurrection of 1936. She describes the incarceration and exile of women after the war and examines how they dealt with their lives during the long years of persecution and silence under the Franco regime from 1939 to 1975.

Empire Speaks Out

Titre : Empire Speaks Out
Auteur : Ilya Gerasimov
Éditeur : BRILL
ISBN-13 : 9789047429159
Libération : 2009-06-02

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This collection turns to different modes of self-representation and self-description of the Russian Empire in an attempt to reveal social practices and processes that are usually ignored by the teleological, nation-centered historical narratives.

Russia s Own Orient

Titre : Russia s Own Orient
Auteur : Vera Tolz
Éditeur : Oxford University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780199594443
Libération : 2011-02-10

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Russia's own Orient examines how intellectuals in early twentieth-century Russia offered a new and radical critique of the ways in which Oriental cultures were understood at the time. Out of the ferment of revolution and war, a group of scholars in St. Petersburg articulated fresh ideas about the relationship between power and knowledge, and about Europe and Asia as mere political and cultural constructs. Their ideas anticipated the work of Edward Said and post-colonial scholarship by half a century. The similarities between the two groups were, in fact, genealogical. Said was indebted, via Arab intellectuals of the 1960s who studied in the Soviet Union, to the revisionist ideas of Russian Orientologists of the fin de siècle. But why did this body of Russian scholarship of the early twentieth century turn out to be so innovative? Should we agree with a popular claim of the Russian elites about their country's particular affinity with the 'Orient'? There is no single answer to this question. The early twentieth century was a period when all over Europe a fascination with things 'Oriental' engendered the questioning of many nineteenth-century assumptions and prejudices. In that sense, the revisionism of Russian Orientologists was part of a pan-European trend. And yet, Tolz also argues that a set of political, social, and cultural factors, which were specific to Russia, allowed its imperial scholars to engage in an unusual dialogue with representatives of the empire's non-European minorities. It is together that they were able to articulate a powerful long-lasting critique of modern imperialism and colonialism, and to shape ethnic politics in Russia across the divide of the 1917 revolutions.