Conducting the Unix Job Interview

Titre : Conducting the Unix Job Interview
Auteur : Adam Haeder
Éditeur : Rampant TechPress
ISBN-13 : 0974435562
Libération : 2004-04-01

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Offering accumulated observations of interviews with hundreds of job candidates, these books provide useful insights into which characteristics make a good IT professional. These handy guides each have a complete set of job interview questions and provide a practical method for accurately assessing the technical abilities of job candidates. The personality characteristics of successful IT professionals are listed and tips for identifying candidates with the right demeanor are included. Methods for evaluating academic and work histories are described as well.

UNIX System Administration Handbook

Titre : UNIX System Administration Handbook
Auteur : Evi Nemeth
Éditeur : Pearson Education
ISBN-13 : 9780137002917
Libération : 2000-08-29

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Now covers Red Hat Linux! Written by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Scott Seebass, and Trent R. Hein with Adam Boggs, Rob Braun, Ned McClain, Dan Crawl, Lynda McGinley, and Todd Miller "This is not a nice, neat book for a nice, clean world. It's a nasty book for a nasty world. This is a book for the rest of us." –Eric Allman and Marshall Kirk McKusick "I am pleased to welcome Linux to the UNIX System Administration Handbook!" –Linus Torvalds, Transmeta "This book is most welcome!" –Dennis Ritchie, AT&T Bell Laboratories This new edition of the world's most comprehensive guide to UNIX system administration is an ideal tutorial for those new to administration and an invaluable reference for experienced professionals. The third edition has been expanded to include "direct from the frontlines" coverage of Red Hat Linux. UNIX System Administration Handbook describes every aspect of system administration–from basic topics to UNIX esoterica–and provides explicit coverage of four popular UNIX systems: This book stresses a practical approach to system administration. It's packed with war stories and pragmatic advice, not just theory and watered-down restatements of the manuals. Difficult subjects such as sendmail, kernel building, and DNS configuration are tackled head-on. Examples are provided for all four versions of UNIX and are drawn from real-life systems–warts and all. "This book is where I turn first when I have system administration questions. It is truly a wonderful resource and always within reach of my terminal." –W. Richard Stevens, author of numerous books on UNIX and TCP/IP "This is a comprehensive guide to the care and feeding of UNIX systems. The authors present the facts along with seasoned advice and numerous real-world examples. Their perspective on the variations among systems is valuable for anyone who runs a heterogeneous computing facility." –Pat Parseghian, Transmeta "We noticed your book on the staff recommendations shelf at our local bookstore: 'Very clear, a masterful interpretation of the subject.' We were most impressed, until we noticed that the same staff member had also recommended Aunt Bea's Mayberry Cookbook." –Shannon Bloomstran, history teacher

Introduction to Unix and Linux Lab Manual Student Edition

Titre : Introduction to Unix and Linux Lab Manual Student Edition
Auteur : Catherine Creary
Éditeur : McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN-13 : 9780071786423
Libération : 2002-12-16

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Ideal for students with little or no computer experience, this lab manual and learning tool is filled with skill-building exercises, materials lists and set-up instructions, step-by-step lab scenarios, and clear explanations. And, it’s written by a leading UNIX and Linux curriculum developer and instructor, making it perfect for both learning -- and teaching -- the basics.

Java Interview Questions Answers 2013 2014 Edition

Titre : Java Interview Questions Answers 2013 2014 Edition
Auteur : Harry Hariom Choudhary
Éditeur : Harry Hariom Choudhary
ISBN-13 :
Libération : 2013-07-28

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Now in the 15th Best Selling Edition, Cracking the Java Coding Interview gives you the interview preparation you need to get the top software developer jobs. This is a deeply technical book and focuses on the software engineering skills to ace your interview. The book includes 1000 programming interview questions and answers, as well as other advice Coding Standards in Java and Design And Development. The full list of topics are as follows: The Interview Process This section offers an overview on questions are selected and how you will be evaluated. What happens when you get a question wrong? When should you start preparing, and how? What language should you use? All these questions and more are answered. Behind the Scenes Learn what happens behind the scenes during your interview, how decisions really get made, who you interview with, and what they ask you. Companies covered include Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. Special Situations This section explains the process for experience candidates, Program Managers, Dev Managers, Testers / SDETs, and more. Learn what your interviewers are looking for and how much code you need to know. Before the Interview In order to ace the interview, you first need to get an interview. This section describes what a software engineer's resume should look like and what you should be doing well before your interview. Behavioral Preparation Although most of a software engineering interview will be technical, behavioral questions matter too. This section covers how to prepare for behavioral questions and how to give strong, structured responses. This section covers how to prepare for technical questions (without wasting your time) and teaches actionable ways to solve the trickiest algorithm problems. It also teaches you what exactly "good coding" is when it comes to an interview. 1000 Programming Questions and Answers This section forms the bulk of the book. Each section opens with a discussion of the core knowledge and strategies to tackle this type of question, diving into exactly how you break down and solve it. Topics covered include Arrays and Strings Linked Lists Stacks and Queues Trees and Graphs Bit Manipulation Brain Teasers Mathematics and Probability Object-Oriented Design Recursion and Dynamic Programming Sorting and Searching Scalability and Memory Limits Testing C and C++ Java Databases Threads and Locks For the widest degree of readability, the solutions are almost entirely written with Java (with the exception of C / C++ questions). A link is provided with the book so that you can download, compile, and play with the solutions yourself. Changes from the Fourth Edition: The fifth edition includes over 200 pages of new content, bringing the book from 300 pages to over 500 pages. Major revisions were done to almost every solution, including a number of alternate solutions added. The introductory chapters were massively expanded, as were the opening of each of the chapters under Technical Questions. In addition, 24 new questions were added. There is a growing disconnect between plethora of Java Books or resources that are available and the level of knowledge industry based Java roles expect of an aspirant or a candidate who is willing to get a foothold in the ever dynamic and constantly evolving IT industry. Hence it is of paramount importance that one gets a very sound background in Java where textbook based Java knowledge needs to be translated into tangible expertise to solve real world problems. Author delves into his decade long Java experience as a Software Engineer in many SMEs to large organisations and attempts to enlighten his audience with Java skills required to secure a role as a Java Developer. This book highlights Java 2 Standard Edition notes to prepare before a Java technical test. In the foreseeable future,

Linux Question Bank

Titre : Linux Question Bank
Auteur :
Éditeur : Pranay Jain
ISBN-13 :
Libération : 2014-04-29

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This ebook contains over 100 Linux Questions, which is useful not only for Interview purpose, but also for day to day troubleshooting.

Linux System Administration

Titre : Linux System Administration
Auteur : Vicki Stanfield
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 0782152201
Libération : 2006-10-11

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"Most Indispensable Linux Book" --2001 Linux Journal Readers Choice Awards Authoritative Answers to All Your Linux Questions You can rely on the fully updated second edition of Linux System Administration for answers to all your questions about installing, configuring, and administering Linux. Written by two Linux experts, this book teaches you, step-by-step, all the standard and advanced techniques you need to know to set up and maintain a secure, effective Linux environment. Scores of clear, consistent examples illustrate these techniques in detail--so you stay on track and accomplish all your goals. Coverage includes: * Installing a Linux server * Setting up and maintaining user and group accounts * Setting up Linux system security * Sharing files using Samba and NFS * Implementing a backup strategy * Troubleshooting common Linux problems * Setting up the X Window System * Setting up TCP/IP and connecting to the Internet * Setting up a mail server * Maintaining filesystems and partitions * Configuring printers * Improving system performance * Writing shell scripts * Using Webmin for cross-distribution GUI administration The Craig Hunt Linux Library The Craig Hunt Linux Library provides in-depth, advanced coverage of the key topics for Linux administrators. Topics include Samba, Network Servers, DNS Server Administration, Apache, Security, and Sendmail. Each book in the series is either written by or meticulously reviewed by Craig Hunt to ensure the highest quality and most complete coverage for networking professionals working specifically in Linux environments.

UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook

Titre : UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook
Auteur : Evi Nemeth
Éditeur : Pearson Education
ISBN-13 : 9780131480056
Libération : 2011

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Surveys the best practices for all aspects of system administration, covering such topics as storage management, email, Web hosting, performance analysis, virtualization, DNS, security, and configuration management.

Unix Power Tools

Titre : Unix Power Tools
Auteur : Shelley Powers
Éditeur : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN-13 : 9780596003302
Libération : 2003

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By its very nature, Unix is a " power tools " environment. Even beginning Unix users quickly grasp that immense power exists in shell programming, aliases and history mechanisms, and various editing tools. Nonetheless, few users ever really master the power available to them with Unix. There is just too much to learn! Unix Power Tools, Third Edition, literally contains thousands of tips, scripts, and techniques that make using Unix easier, more effective, and even more fun. This book is organized into hundreds of short articles with plenty of references to other sections that keep you flipping from new article to new article. You'll find the book hard to put down as you uncover one interesting tip after another. With the growing popularity of Linux and the advent of Mac OS X, Unix has metamorphosed into something new and exciting. With Unix no longer perceived as a difficult operating system, more and more users are discovering its advantages for the first time. The latest edition of this best-selling favorite is loaded with advice about almost every aspect of Unix, covering all the new technologies that users need to know. In addition to vital information on Linux, Mac OS X, and BSD, Unix Power Tools, Third Edition, now offers more coverage of bcash, zsh, and new shells, along with discussions about modern utilities and applications. Several sections focus on security and Internet access, and there is a new chapter on access to Unix from Windows, addressing the heterogeneous nature of systems today. You'll also find expanded coverage of software installation and packaging, as well as basic information on Perl and Python. The book's accompanying web site provides some of the best software available to Unix users, which you can download and add to your own set of power tools. Whether you are a newcomer or a Unix power user, you'll find yourself thumbing through the gold mine of information in this new edition of Unix Power Tools to add to your store of knowledge. Want to try something new? Check this book first, and you're sure to find a tip or trick that will prevent you from learning things the hard way.

Unix in 24 Hours Sams Teach Yourself

Titre : Unix in 24 Hours Sams Teach Yourself
Auteur : Dave Taylor
Éditeur : Sams Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9780134095424
Libération : 2015-09-28

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Learn to use Unix, OS X, or Linux quickly and easily! In just 24 lessons of one hour or less, Sams Teach Yourself Unix in 24 Hours helps you get up and running with Unix and Unix-based operating systems such as Mac OS X and Linux. Designed for beginners with no previous experience using Unix, this book’s straightforward, step-by-step approach makes it easy to learn. Each lesson clearly explains essential Unix tools and techniques from the ground up, helping you to become productive as quickly and efficiently as possible. Step-by-step instructions carefully walk you through the most common Unix tasks. Practical, hands-on examples show you how to apply what you learn. Quizzes and exercises help you test your knowledge and stretch your skills. Notes and tips point out shortcuts and solutions Learn how to… Pick the command shell that’s best for you Organize the Unix file system (and why) Manage file and directory ownership and permissions Maximize your productivity with power filters and pipes Use the vi and emacs editors Create your own commands and shell scripts Connect to remote systems using SSH and SFTP Troubleshoot common problems List files and manage disk usage Get started with Unix shell programming Set up printing in a Unix environment Archive and back up files Search for information and files Use Perl as an alternative Unix programming language Set up, tweak, and make use of the GNOME graphical environment Contents at a Glance HOUR 1: What Is This Unix Stuff? HOUR 2: Getting onto the System and Using the Command Line HOUR 3: Moving About the File System HOUR 4: Listing Files and Managing Disk Usage HOUR 5: Ownership and Permissions HOUR 6: Creating, Moving, Renaming, and Deleting Files and Directories HOUR 7: Looking into Files HOUR 8: Filters, Pipes, and Wildcards! HOUR 9: Slicing and Dicing Command-Pipe Data HOUR 10: An Introduction to the vi Editor HOUR 11: Advanced vi Tricks, Tools, and Techniquess HOUR 12: An Overview of the emacs Editor HOUR 13: Introduction to Command Shells HOUR 14: Advanced Shell Interaction HOUR 15: Job Control HOUR 16: Shell Programming Overview HOUR 17: Advanced Shell Programming HOUR 18: Printing in the Unix Environment HOUR 19: Archives and Backups HOUR 20: Using Email to Communicate HOUR 21: Connecting to Remote Systems Using SSH and SFTP HOUR 22: Searching for Information and Files HOUR 23: Perl Programming in Unix HOUR 24: GNOME and the GUI Environment Appendix A: Common Unix Questions and Answers

Automating UNIX and Linux Administration

Titre : Automating UNIX and Linux Administration
Auteur : Kirk Bauer
Éditeur : Apress
ISBN-13 : 9781590592120
Libération : 2003-09-15

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Wouldnt you like to automate the tedious daily tasks of system administration? Automating UNIX and Linux Administration will show you how, by exploring existing tools and offering real-world examples. Although some of the book is Linux-specific, most of the information applies to any UNIX system, including material on automating tasks across multiple variants of UNIX. Author Kirk Bauer briefly overviews tools and technologiesand assumes preliminary knowledge about editing a configuration file or mounting a file system. The techniques, methods, and tools in this book will help you manage a single systembut will prove especially powerful across multiple systems. No matter if the systems are desktops, servers, or Beowulf clustersall of them will benefit from this automation. And managing five to five thousand systems will become a simpler task!