The Museum as Muse

Titre : The Museum as Muse
Auteur : Kynaston McShine
Éditeur : The Museum of Modern Art
ISBN-13 : 0870700928
Libération : 1999-01-01

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The Museum as Muse: Artists Reflect surveys the ways in which artists, mostly of the present century, have addressed the museum, commented on its nature, confronted its concepts and functions, drawn from its methods, and examined its relationship to the art it contains. This lively, involving, and intellectually provocative presentation encompasses a tremendous variety of artworks, large and small, intimate and expansive, in mediums both familiar and surprising: paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, prints, videos, and installations. Fully illustrated with the works of an international cross section of more than sixty artists, this volume makes a substantial and lasting contribution to our understanding of the intertwining, continually metamorphosing relationship between artists and museums. Published by The Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1999 on the occasion of the major exhibition The Museum as Muse: Artists Reflect, this book features an introductory essay by Kynaston McShine, Senior Curator in the Department of Painting and Sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art and director of the exhibition. In the ensuing plate section, short entries by several authors on the art and artists accompany 233 full-color and black-and-white illustrations representing a wide diversity of works of art. Among them are photographs of people, art, spaces, and events taken inside museums, by such artists as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Eve Arnold, Garry Winogrand, and Thomas Struth. Personal museums and cabinets of curiosities, large and in miniature, have been created by Charles Willson Peale, Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Cornell, Claes Oldenburg, Fluxus, and Mark Dion: others have focusedon fantastic images of the destruction or transformation of museums, such as the painter Hubert Robert (the first curator of the Louvre), Edward Ruscha, Komar and Melamid, and Christo. This wealth of material is followed by an anthology of manifestos, statements, and meditations written by artists in this century; biographies and exhibition histories of the artists; and a bibliography of general and monographic publications.

Design Prospective industrielle

Titre : Design Prospective industrielle
Auteur : Jean-Pierre Criqui
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 2844266088
Libération : 2013-05-17

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Jean-Pierre Criqui A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Design Prospective industrielle Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Alberto Giacometti

Titre : Alberto Giacometti
Auteur : Laurie Wilson
Éditeur : Yale University Press
ISBN-13 : 0300090374
Libération : 2003

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Alberto Giacometti was one of the most enigmatic artists of the 20th century. In this interpretation of Giacometti and his work, an art historian and psychoanalyst demonstrates how the artist's secret beliefs and emotional scars are reflected in his evocative sculpture, drawings and paintings.


Titre : Matisse
Auteur : Rebecca A. Rabinow
Éditeur : Metropolitan Museum of Art
ISBN-13 : 9781588394675
Libération : 2012-01-01

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"Throughout his long career, Henri Matisse (1869-1954) continually expanded the boundaries of his art. By repeating images in pairs, trios, and series, he conducted an ongoing dialogue with his earlier works in order to, as he put it, "push further and deeper into true painting." In this fresh approach to a much-studied artist, prominent scholars from the United States and Europe examine more than sixty works in concise chapters that focus on this aspect of Matisse's working process. From early pairs such as Young Sailor I and II (1906) and Le Lexe I and II (1907-8) through a series of late studio scenes from Vence (1946-48), Matisse is shown revisiting a given theme with the aim of devising innovative, often radical, solutions to such problems as how to portray light, handle paint, select colors, and manipulate perspective. New technical studies of the early paired works and photographs documenting the evolution of his later paintings help to elucidate Matisse's complex evolution. In numerous excerpts from letters and interviews, he is revealed as an artist who regularly questioned himself and his methods, a man of powerful intellect who regarded each new painting as an adventure. A significant addition to art historical literature, Matisse: In Search of True Painting is a revelatory study of a seminal figure in 20th-century modernism."--Page 4 of cover.

Contemporary Collecting

Titre : Contemporary Collecting
Auteur : Kevin M. Moist
Éditeur : Scarecrow Press
ISBN-13 : 9780810891142
Libération : 2013-05-09

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While the importance of collections has been evident in the sciences and humanities for several centuries, the social and cultural significance of collecting practices is now receiving serious attention as well. As reflected in programs like Antiques Roadshow and American Pickers, and websites such as eBay, collecting has had a consistent and growing presence in popular culture. In tandem with popular collecting, institutions are responding to changes in the collecting environment, as library catalogs go online and museums use new technologies to help generate attendance for their exhibits. In Contemporary Collecting: Objects, Practices, and the Fate of Things, Kevin M. Moist and David Banash have assembled several essays that examine collecting practices on both a personal and professional level. These essays situate collectors and collections in a contemporary context and also show how our changing world finds new meaning in the legacy of older collections. Arranged by such themes as “Collecting in a Virtual World,” “Changing Relationships with Things,” “Collecting and Identity—Personal and Political,” and “Collecting Practices and Cultural Hierarchies,” these essays help illuminate the role of objects in our lives. Covering a breadth of interdisciplinary perspectives and subjects—from PEZ candy dispensers and trading cards to sports memorabilia and music—Contemporary Collecting will be of interest to scholars of cultural studies, anthropology, popular culture studies, sociology, art history, and more.

Pragmatist Aesthetics

Titre : Pragmatist Aesthetics
Auteur : Richard Shusterman
Éditeur : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN-13 : 9781461641179
Libération : 2000-02-22

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This much acclaimed book has emerged as neo-pragmatism's most significant contribution to contemporary aesthetics. By articulating a deeply embodied notion of aesthetic experience and the art of living, and by providing a compellingly rigorous defense of popular art—crowned by a pioneer study of hip hop—Richard Shusterman reorients aesthetics towards a fresher, more relevant, and socially progressive agenda. The second edition contains an introduction where Shusterman responds to his critics, and it concludes with an added chapter that formulates his novel notion of somaesthetics.


Titre : Balthus
Auteur : Sabine Rewald
Éditeur : Metropolitan Museum of Art
ISBN-13 : 9780810907386
Libération : 1984

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This critical study of the life and work of the French artist Balthus serves as the catalogue of an exhibition held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and the Musee National d'Art Moderne, Paris

Carl Einstein in Documents and His Collaboration with Georges Bataille

Titre : Carl Einstein in Documents and His Collaboration with Georges Bataille
Auteur : Conor Joyce
Éditeur : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN-13 : 9781401020781
Libération : 2002

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The short-lived art magazine Documents (1929-30) has since the eighties become an object of increasing fascination to art historians and students of French intellectual culture. The light shed on Documents has not, however, dispelled the sense of mystery surrounding its two years of exuberant production, and sudden demise. What actually happened? The main figure associated with the magazine has been the writer Georges Bataille but a German novelist and art historian Carl Einstein was also centrally involved. What was he doing in Documents, and why has he disappeared from the picture? This book traces Einstein´s role, detailing his charged collaboration with the younger Bataille, which contributed to Documents´ collapse.

The Legacy of Antiquity

Titre : The Legacy of Antiquity
Auteur : Lenia Kouneni
Éditeur : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781443867740
Libération : 2014-09-26

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Recent years have seen an increase of interest in classicism and the reception and survival of antiquity. Classical Reception Studies is a rapidly developing field of research and teaching, and a growing number of new scholars are investigating issues of reception of classical texts, ideas, performance, and material culture across different cultural contexts and in different media. This volume adds new perspectives in this growing field of scholarship. This collection of essays explores the uses of the past from a wide range of perspectives. The papers are drawn from a spectrum of cultures and chronological periods; from medieval to modern times, from Italian to Byzantine, from French to British. The characters involved in each case study accessed the past through different means, employing varying combinations of texts, oral traditions, iconographic representations, and visible remains of the landscape. It is a snapshot of a field in movement, illustrative of current directions and hopeful of producing new ones. The legacy of antiquity is omnipresent, and is as multifaceted as suggested by the wide range of the papers. This volume presents new perspectives, dealing with ever-elusive enigmas and opening the way for future research and investigation to all those who seek to explore the constant fascination with the antique.

Lyotard and the figural in Performance Art and Writing

Titre : Lyotard and the figural in Performance Art and Writing
Auteur : Kiff Bamford
Éditeur : A&C Black
ISBN-13 : 9781441167071
Libération : 2012-06-28

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An innovative study of the thought and writings of Jean-Francois Lyotard in relation to contemporary art and in particular performance art.