File System Forensic Analysis

Titre : File System Forensic Analysis
Auteur : Brian Carrier
Éditeur : Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN-13 : 0321268172
Libération : 2005

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Moves beyond the basics and shows how to use tools to recover and analyse forensic evidence.

Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology

Titre : Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology
Auteur : Harry Henderson
Éditeur : Infobase Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781438110035
Libération : 2009-01-01

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Presents an illustrated A-Z encyclopedia containing approximately 600 entries on computer and technology related topics.

Microsoft Computer Dictionary

Titre : Microsoft Computer Dictionary
Auteur :
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015054437549
Libération : 2002

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This book offers a professional, traditional-dictionary format and layout for maximum utility. The dictionary is fully searchable on CD-ROM. (Computer Books)

Chassis Engineering

Titre : Chassis Engineering
Auteur : Herb Adams
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 1557880557
Libération : 1993

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Chassis Engineering for HP Cars Manual Chassis Design Covers Center Of Gravity And Roll Center Enhancing Road Handling Ability Step-By-Step Guide Tire Technology And Front and Rear Suspensions Brakes; Shocks And Springs

Upgrading and Repairing Laptops

Titre : Upgrading and Repairing Laptops
Auteur : Scott Mueller
Éditeur : Que Publishing
ISBN-13 : 0789728001
Libération : 2004

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Provides information on how to upgrade, maintain, and troubleshoot the hardware of laptop computers, discussing the differences among them as well as their various configuration options.

FreeBSD Handbook

Titre : FreeBSD Handbook
Auteur : FreeBSD Documentation Project
Éditeur : Walnut Creek CDROM
ISBN-13 : 1571762418
Libération : 2000

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The FreeBSD Handbook is a comprehensive FreeBSD tutorial and reference. It covers installation, day-to-day use of FreeBSD, and mach more, such as the Ports collection, creating a custom kernel, security topics, the X Window System, how to use FreeBSD's Linux binary compatibility, and how to upgrade your system from source using the 'make world' command, to name a few.


Titre : Wikipedia
Auteur : John Broughton
Éditeur : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN-13 : 9780596515164
Libération : 2008

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"Wikipedia may be the biggest group writing project ever, but the one thing you won't find in this amazingly comprehensive encyclopedia is easy-to-follow guidance on how to contribute. This Missing Manual helps you avoid beginners' blunders and get you so

DevOps Troubleshooting

Titre : DevOps Troubleshooting
Auteur : Kyle Rankin
Éditeur : Addison-Wesley
ISBN-13 : 9780133035506
Libération : 2012-11-09

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“If you’re a developer trying to figure out why your application is not responding at 3 am, you need this book! This is now my go-to book when diagnosing production issues. It has saved me hours in troubleshooting complicated operations problems.” –Trotter Cashion, cofounder, Mashion DevOps can help developers, QAs, and admins work together to solve Linux server problems far more rapidly, significantly improving IT performance, availability, and efficiency. To gain these benefits, however, team members need common troubleshooting skills and practices. In DevOps Troubleshooting: Linux Server Best Practices , award-winning Linux expert Kyle Rankin brings together all the standardized, repeatable techniques your team needs to stop finger-pointing, collaborate effectively, and quickly solve virtually any Linux server problem. Rankin walks you through using DevOps techniques to troubleshoot everything from boot failures and corrupt disks to lost email and downed websites. You’ll master indispensable skills for diagnosing high-load systems and network problems in production environments. Rankin shows how to Master DevOps’ approach to troubleshooting and proven Linux server problem-solving principles Diagnose slow servers and applications by identifying CPU, RAM, and Disk I/O bottlenecks Understand healthy boots, so you can identify failure points and fix them Solve full or corrupt disk issues that prevent disk writes Track down the sources of network problems Troubleshoot DNS, email, and other network services Isolate and diagnose Apache and Nginx Web server failures and slowdowns Solve problems with MySQL and Postgres database servers and queries Identify hardware failures–even notoriously elusive intermittent failures

101 BASIC Computer Games

Titre : 101 BASIC Computer Games
Auteur : David H. Ahl
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : OCLC:923062098
Libération : 1973

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David H. Ahl A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de 101 BASIC Computer Games Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Fuzzy Logic for Business and Industry

Titre : Fuzzy Logic for Business and Industry
Auteur : Earl Cox
Éditeur : Delmar Thomson Learning
ISBN-13 : 1886801010
Libération : 1995

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In his sequel to the bestselling, "Fuzzy Systems Handbook", the foremost authority on the applications of fuzzy logic presents actual models and case studies from business and industry. This hands-on book/disk package contains fuzzy modelling concepts and software that will be used throughout the industry.